More NASA fakery, there's just so much of it.
Photograph on left is, believe it or not, a plaster paris model of Hadley Rille. The USGS made this plaster paris model before Apollo 15 supposedly landed on the Moon. How come? Well, according to NASA, apparently the Apollo missions did laser topography when circling the Moon, (funny that none of those astronauts from the previous missions made any mention of taking topography readings). The USGS then made a plaster paris model of Hadley Rille based on those topography readings, or so we are told. The picture shown on right, is a photograph of Hadley Rille supposedly taken by the Apollo 15 crew.

USGS then said they were amazed that the model made by them, before astronauts went anywhere near Hadley Rille, was so like the real thing. We the public are not amazed, as we can see the plaster paris model was the one used for the Apollo 15 photo. If photo on left was a plaster paris model taken on planet Earth, then why has it got reticules in exactly the same positions as the photo allegedly taken on the Moon?
PAN's claim that the Lunar Rover had solid tires.
Well the photo shown right is just for you. It shows the Lunar Rover on Moon (snigger), and there on the front wheel as clear as daylight, or should that be Moonlight (snigger again), can be seen the tire valve for inflation.
That there lunar rover must have been lighter than a feather because it left no tire tracks either in front of, or behind, the rear wheel. Such a scenario is of course impossible, so I will explain how this can be.

The lunar rover was simply lowered by the Langley crane onto the fake lunar surface created beneath it. NASA then photographed the lunar rover before it had moved. That explains why no tire tracks.

I hope you PAN's are taking notes on this wealth of info, as I may be asking you questions on it later.
Here is a picture taken inside Langley Research Center which sums up everything about faking of the Apollo Moon mission photography. The very
first fake Apollo pictures released to the press, WERE NOT digitally altered.

They were taken inside Langley Research Center using a fake Moonscape setup. Notice curved black hoarding to create the blackness of space, and fake lunar soil spread over floor.
This is an interesting photograph, with no reticules, entitled "Apollo 11 Moon orbit". Unfortunately the picture was taken at LRC on June 13 1989. That is 20 years after Apollo 11. LRC were still faffing around with models of Apollo space capsules etc, long after the saga had finished. Why?

The answer is because they were still producing better quality fake photos for future press and TV.

NASA became a bit hot under the collar when approached by Tim Furniss. He wanted Apollo photo's for his book "One Small Step".

Unfortunately NASA only had a few pictures, like those taken in the fake Moonscape. This would look suspicious, bearing in mind the colossal number of pictures that were supposedly taken on the Moon. NASA had a problem which they never for sore.
This is another interesting photograph supposedly taken by astronauts orbiting the Moon. See anything wrong with it?

Take a look at the length of shadows cast by the Moon mountains. The length of those shadows is colossal, many, many miles long. Such a scenario is of course ridiculous. Look how high mountain ranges on Earth are, but they do not cast ridiculous long shadows across the Earth's surface.

The reason the shadows are so long is because the light source is but a few feet away from the plaster paris model of the Moon.
This picture was taken by an unmanned probe orbiting the Moon in 1966, or so we are told. However it has a close resemblance to pictures supposedly taken 3 years later by manned spacecraft orbiting the Moon. What I am saying here is, according to this picture, it is possible to get a photo of Earth rise above the Moon's surface without a manned space craft orbiting the Moon, or this picture is also fake, when compared with the photo's above. That Moon surface look's a bit dodgey to me.
Two of the three Apollo 17 crew join in a celebration of their (fake) lunar landing by presenting flight controllers in Mission Control the flag which flew with them to the Moon.

Now hang on a bit, didn't every Moon mission leave the flag behind on Moon when they blasted off? Yes, as video's of lunar lift show it being blown over, (fake of course). So no flag was left on Moon because no astronauts went there.

The flag they are holding is the same flag used for all fake missions, and what appears in all fake photo's showing flag on lunar surface. Why use half a dozen separate flags when you can use the same one over, and over again, for repetition fake photo's?
I call this photograph "One legged astronaut who walks backwards". If you look closely you will see why. There are no footprints behind him, but plenty in front of him.

This means that he has walked backwards. Further examination reveals he has lost his right leg completely, as one can see the fake lunar soil where his right leg should be.

When composing fake pictures using "cut and paste" the above blunders are common if not checked correctly.
These are the Apollo files stored under guard at Langley Research Center. Classified by L B Johnson, and not due for declassification until 2026, when NASA will finally admit they faked the Apollo Moon missions. However by then it will not come as such a shock, as the majority media already know the truth behind NASA's fake Moon missions.

I am in no doubt whatsoever that there will still be PAN's in 2026 who will insist the Apollo Moon missions were real, even after NASA's admittance.
In the above left picture look at sandy surface with Moon boot footprints, it's identical to the Moon boot footprints allegedly on the Moon, as shown in the black and white photo's. Notice other astronaut and Moon buggy in background, but the main point to observe is the relative flatness of the foreground, and abrupt straight line where that foreground meets the background bushy area, which is but a few yards away.

Applying the same tactics as Tuttle, (see
APOLLO FAKE), we could easily paste our mountain scene in the background, black the sky out, and there you have it, one photo taken on the Moon. In the right hand picture above, was it really necessary to dress up in full gear and pose on a sandy, rock strewn landscape to test the rover? Yes because this picture, and the one shown above left, are just two of many taken during a break in the photographic staging sessions. The pictures from these so called training sessions were later revamped by Michael J Tuttle, (using Photoshop 3), as genuine photo's taken on the Moon.
The picture above left was taken at Kennedy Space Center, however those boulders appear to have a very similar layout to the boulders shown in the right hand picture, which NASA claim is a photo taken on the Moon. How could NASA create a boulder strewn landscape before they had visited the Moon, and therefore had any indication of what the landscape was like?

The sculptured mountains shown in right hand picture are plaster paris models made by USGS for creating fake Moon pictures.
The picture above was taken at Houston. It shows how NASA created a fake Moon crater. That same crater however appeared in quite a number of Moon photo's from different missions. In Apollo 16 picture of Charlie Duke by crater, this is the crater.

The rough edges, gaps and pockets between boulders were smoothed out with ash/charcoal. Overall this fake crater appeared in rough format for the Apollo 14 and 15 fake pictures, and smooth format for the Apollo 16 and 17 fake pictures. Picture on right is how the crater appeared in one of NASA's fake Moon pictures.
Clever people those Armstrong & Co. They manage to place an advertising placard, music sheet stand, and strimmer on the Moon's surface, and yet leave NO footprints in the process of doing it. The center picture appears to have some sort of one
boot footprint. Must be that one-legged astronaut I mentioned earlier
This picture shows Buzz Aldrin in his Apollo 11 capsule, returning from, ermm, the Moon, and of course in the blackness of space. But wait what do we see through the capsule window? Why it's the light blue haze of Earth's atmosphere, living proof that capsule was only in Earth orbit.

In fact that light blue haze streaming through capsule window can be seen in video coverage from EVERY Apollo mission, Apollo 8 through to Apollo 17, as all were simply Earth orbiting.
The front end of this LM appears to have undergone some sort of bashing with a sledgehammer or other, well it's only a cardboard model innit, set against a fake backdrop of the Moon's surface.
Photograph was taken inside building No 5 at Johnson Space Center.
It shows astronauts sorting over disused metal cabinets, and other junk paraphernalia from which to build a LM for fake photographs. Note the octagonal shaped box left of center, which was used to
build the model LM.
The photo below is to ridiculous for words. NASA claim this is the actual Apollo 16 Lunar Module on the Moon's surface. Look at all that gold foil around the base, and why is that gold foil not seen in the photo of Apollo 11 LM, after all they were of the same design. I would like to know how they got the Rover out without tearing this gold foil. In addition to the gold foil there is also some sought of black fabric draped just anywhere.

What a mess, moreover what a joke. Look at side of LM. It's made up of sheets of thin metal pop riveted together, or maybe cardboard held together with double sided tape. Even the joints are not seated flat, but buckle out in all directions. The under side looks like corrugated sheet, and even that does not mate correctly with the vertical panels. If this is top quality engineering for such an important mission, then I'm a banana. Can't you PAN's see that this is a quick knock-up job, taken in a studio here on Earth, to satisfy gullible people like yourselves. No way did this heap of junk land, and take off, from the Moon.

Incidentally Grumman built a life size LM in cardboard, I think this is it.
In the final picture shown below we take a closer look at this supposedly high quality work from Grumman Engineering, and can see just what a botch job that made of it. NASA inform us that this piece of junk cost $350,000,000, ($30 billion at today's prices).

Look at the beading edge strip on corner edges, they cannot even get the angle correct, and have left it jutting out.  I don't think NASA is taking the pee, I know they are. It's a joke, because I have seen better quality work from kindergarten kids building a stage prop for pantomime.

Lets face it the whole Apollo project was a pantomime and the Apollo astronauts were nothing more than clowns, but it beggars belief that there are still millions of people around the globe who actually believe the garbage put out by NASA.

I find it somewhat scary to think that there are so many people in the world who are completely out of touch with reality. Blame the CIA, after all they saw that TV was a good propaganda tool to brainwash the media with, and they took full advantage of it.
You can fool all people some of the time, some people all of the time, but you cannot fool all people all of the time.
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